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Browser Information:
BALID Membership database has been written in HTML5 and PHP mark-up language. The Database is viewable with latest versions of browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome browser (version 28 or later) is recommended for the best view. To check browser’s version one can explore here, for downloading latest browsers explore here.

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Membership Status Definition:
Active = Membership fee has paid until current year.
Inactive = Membership fee has not paid for current year.
Withdrawal = The membership has been cancelled by the Executive Committee.
Deceased = The Member is expired.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned here are either provided by the respective member or as found in membership application form. BALID is not liable for updated data. Any correction can always be reported by the members. To report about any mismatch information please CLICK HERE and send only the changed data.